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Joel Skousen: Strategic Relocation – North American Guide to Safe Places 4/5

Written By: expatadmin - Dec• 02•12

Alex welcomes back to the show Joel Skousen, political commentator non-fiction Survivalist author, and retreat consultant who specializes in preparedness topics, particularly survival retreat and fallout shelter design and construction, as well as in what he calls “strategic relocation.” Skousen’s book, Strategic Relocation–North American Guide to Safe Places, is now available at the Infowars Store. Alex also covers the latest news and takes your calls. www.infowars.com www.prisonplant.tv www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.com Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places provides the information you need to plan ahead and select the safest areas for you and your loved ones to live. The 3rd Edition added a complete section on foreign relocation possibilities and added over 200 pages to make room for an individual analysis of every state and province North America. The new color maps show military and other threats, population density in cities, satellite images of terrain features, private vs public land availability, and much much more. In today’s mainstream bookstores, it’s easy to find information about the “best places” to live. Such literature undoubtedly will concentrate on the positive aspects of life, such as numbers and ratings of golf courses, the quality of healthcare, warm sunny climates, availability of cultural activities, status of educational institutions, and the growth potential of the local economy. But while these highly-rated metropolitan

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  1. WordDwn says:

    thats right.. stand together and stand ur ground

  2. angelfist1000 says:

    Does this book cover Canada too? I’m wondering because i dont want to spend money on a book and then find out that its only the states

  3. Angelmb76 says:

    Revelations 3:10″Because you have obeyed my command to persevere, I will protect you from the great time of testing that will come upon the whole world to test those who belong to this world. Just seek The Lord Jesus

  4. biospharms says:

    For safe places there are none better than Biospharms. Search Biospharms and join a community of like minded survivors in gated community with others growing their food and families the way God designed it. Search Biospharms and never have to think of it again. BIOSPHARMS

  5. LUCA7FOLD says:

    correction: Canada belongs to House of Windsor

  6. ITILII says:

    Canada belongs to the CANADIAN PEOPLE, not some inbred drug dealing, war mongering so called monarch…..the countries rightfully belong to the people who live there, they are the true sovereigns; and those “in power” are their SERVANTS, not MASTERS

    • Lexxs says:

      I hate to be the one to tell you but Canada is owned by a company called the Crown Corporation. It has nothing to do with that nice old lady in Buckingham palace. It is a company based in the city/state known as the “City of London”, which is a separate enclave located in the middle of London. It owns several other countries, such as New Zealand,Australia, Nigeria, etc.. also. What you have been taught to think of as countries are actually farms , and the governments are livestock management systems. The population is the livestock. Yes, you are a slave who in actuality does not even own his own body. You have been used as collateral for the national debt. If you could see the original of your birth certificate you would see a watermark that says “Bank Of Canada”. Yes, you are a slave who must be milked dry every day of your life by your masters. The whole notion of you being free is a ruse . You are actually free range, which you masters have discovered will make you more productive for them. All of the nonsense about voting is just to occupy you, like a person plays catch with a dog. In the end your vote accomplishes nothing and will change nothing. There is no way that you are the master, and they the servants as you have been told. You have been lied to all of your life. Sorry to have to let you know like this. Please feel free to research it for yourself, because I know that it will be difficult to accept.

  7. ITILII says:

    He’s recommending Spain, which is on the hit list of troubled Euro economic states (the PIIGS, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain)

  8. LUCA7FOLD says:

    Suddenly Canada becomes very, very important, doesnt it. There is a reason why the United States have never invaded Canada: we belong to Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

  9. Aurinkohirvi says:

    Hmmm. I fist thought the political freedom map colored northern Europe darker than Northern America. Which would be real funny. But maybe it’s the same color…

  10. joesphx19 says:

    “One of my fomer professors (born in Hamilton, ON, now a naturalized U.S. citizen) told me around that time that if Quebec secession did in fact, happen, to “Watch the Maritimes.” He told me that in the early ’80s, when there was another secession scare, those four provinces had supposedly asked the U.S. State Department on what they would have to do in order to join the U.S. as states.”

    From the Philadelphia Inquirer: The Maritimes had asked about the logistics of statehood

  11. feedingfrancis says:

    im just kidding guys… you can all come to my house and we will have us an immigrant killing party…. yay!!!

  12. feedingfrancis says:

    … im not worried… they conglomerate and stay in the big cities anyway… wich will be the first places to go… and i dont beleive that any of our provinces were ever going to join the us… quebec the french province tried to seperate and become its own country… you need to read a little bit b4 you comment

  13. joesphx19 says:

    Well then stop blabbing away on your computer and do something about the immigration of the third world to your country. Don’t you see what happened to the paradise of multiculturalism that is the US? Besides, are you aware that several of your providences were actually considering leaving Canada and joining the US as states? Why do you think that was? Anyway, Canada has been mostly dehorned by your socialist politics. Those in the bush would join us rather than fight us.

  14. joesphx19 says:

    Yes, they will force us to choose eventually, slavery or fight. My great concern is that the American people, after 50+ years of brainwashing, culture corruption, and unlimited immigration, are no longer the same. Those of us that would identify with the label of constitutionalist are becoming fewer every year. It was both the Clinton and Obama administrations that announced publicly that with us dying off they could finally form their worker’s paradise.

  15. fredguy2 says:

    I am Canadian and I was remarking on the fact that at least for Canadians there are options.

  16. feedingfrancis says:

    shut the fuck up… northern canada is offlimits to americans…. northern canada is for canadians… you will be shot… there is no law in the bush

  17. feedingfrancis says:

    canada doesnt want americanism… dont even think of coming here… you guys have ruined the world as it stands already… you will be met with a bullet if there is a relocation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. feedingfrancis says:

    canada doesnt want your americanism… for real… dont come to canada… you promote death and hate in the world… we dont want any americans during the relocation
    fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. feedingfrancis says:

    canada doesnt want your americanism… for real… dont come to canada… you promote death and hate in the world… we dont want any americans during the relocation

    • Lexxs says:

      Canadians are slaves of the crown corporation, see my detailed explanation above. Also, the US has already taken over Canada culturally and economically

  20. SuperNick419 says:

    Canada just call, she said “Fuck off! And have a nice day”

  21. 1ike3 says:

    The guy was talking about China and Russia being ruthless to people during War… but if your gonna give an award for inhuman behavior then America wins out on every scale: Torture, War, Politics, and Government

  22. TheUnfilteredNEWS says:

    Instead of running around just invest in some tools to re-liberate.

  23. mastert420 says:

    no fuckin runnin here..stand or DIE bitches

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